IGBTs and their audio frequency/ Ear Protection Needed

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IGBTs and their audio frequency/ Ear Protection Needed

Postby Richard » Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:49 pm

I was asked by a colleague today would I suggest that ear protection is used when near inverters and within central inverter stations.
Personally I would say yes and use them due to my sensitive hearing which has not been helped by spending many years in front & behind the stage of many touring rock bands.
Inverter manufacturers such as SMA and Solarmax adhere to the use of ear defenders and is part of their health and safety policy.This was backed up recently while in conversation with an an Ex SMA technician Neil Hanley. We also agreed that the lower quality IGBTS give out higher audible range other than a good quality IGBT probably also resulting in some chunky clunky messy AC wave output!!
I recall the days at Lightsource and some of the early sites with 28 or 32 sting inverters mounted in close proximity within a carcass of a shipping container. It also consisted of an internal walkway of inverters each side top and bottom so your walking into a corridor of 16 inverters with screaming IGBTS! its not a pleasant place to be during high irradiance days!!
So i would suggest if you like your ears, protect them!! Please see links below to some IGBT related articles !!
http://www.kudammcorp.com/sites/default ... quency.pdf

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Re: IGBTs and their audio frequency/ Ear Protection Needed

Postby Wayne Hinton-Lewis » Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:31 pm

So on a legal standing when the noise is above 85db then hearing protection must be worn under cdm regs
Wayne Hinton-Lewis
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